Clipped, Cleaned, Packed

Horses are clipped, tack is clean, and all is packed into truck and trailer. What a day!


I feel as though I’m bringing twenty of everything; it’s a bit warmer in Southern Pines during the day, but still quite cold at night. Plus, they’re expecting a few days of rain down in North Carolina next week. So, in go coats, rain jackets, horse blankets, boots – it’s a lot.

I’m used to this, though. An extensive career of competing at horse trials and Pony Club rallies has prepared me well and has instilled in me a few useful obsessive-compulsive tendencies…everything has been double cleaned, all has been triple checked.

I’m excited and nervous to leave tomorrow. It’s a haul, and my hands are cracking from cleaning practically every piece of tack I own, but it’s so worth it.

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