Sunday, March 2nd: Flat


It’s finally here! The lesson I’ve been waiting for for months. It was a great ride and gave us a good starting point for the week.

Immediately following my warm up, Bobby had a few critiques. FIrst, he pointed out the incorrect position of my left arm. I tend to bring my left hand closer to my hip and stick my elbow out like a wing, losing contact with the horse’s mouth and, unfortunately, eventually leading to a deterioration of the rest of my position.  I’ve heard this before, so it was a quick fix. However, Bobby seemed satisfied with my overall position.

Second, Bobby reminded me that, instead of dictating the tempo myself, I tend to let Julia do so. And if you have met my horse, you know that this is a poor decision on my part; Jules is incredibly forward and eager!

Lastly, there was one major take-home lesson: Jules and I are technically “correct,” but we need more forward reach and step from hind to front. I tend to focus on containing Julia’s forwardness. Instead, I should be creating steady tempo and balance and allowing forward reach and impulsion.

The lesson was fantastic. I’m very much looking forward to jump schoolings on both horses tomorrow.

Check out a tidbit of the lesson posted on YouTube:

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