BRRR. It was a very cold day today in Southern Pines. Despite the frozen ground this morning, we were able to get in two fabulous lessons this afternoon.


Bobby got to see Willie go for the first time today. And I think he was pleasantly surprised! “Oh, he’s fancy!” Bobby exclaimed when we finally got a quality working trot.

We worked on my being more assertive with my aids and getting Willie forward without losing impulsion in corners and on circles.

After flat, we took Willie out to the show jumping field and popped a few fences. He was a little worked up, as there was a group lesson going on nearby. But he was super forward and careful over the fences, which is something we’ve been struggling with for a while. The lesson exceeded my expectations.

Check out a bit of Willie’s jumping:



Our work with Jules today was superb as well. We worked on elements from the dressage test (Training B) I will be riding this weekend at the event, such as the 15-meter figure eight at X.

But Bobby also worked with me to keep from “freezing” when Jules loses her balance. Instead of correcting the balance (she likes to get heavy on the forehand…) with a half halt and a release, I tend to lock and get stuck in riding limbo. Bobby said to identify the loss of balance immediately, fix it, and move on.

Also, we built on our Sunday flat lesson by making both the trot and canter more lively. Jules and I are technically “correct,” but to get big scores on movements, we need to add more energy, and more spark – Bobby even shouted, “Booooring!” a few times, jokingly, during the lesson. “I’m bored! Liven it up!”

A snippet of Jules (and sorry it’s sideways):

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