Rain, Rain, Go Away

Despite the never-ceasing rain today, we prepared for the event by running through the dressage test I will ride tomorrow a few times. The 2014 updated Training Test B is probably the most difficult I have ridden at a recognized event. Transitions are at letters, not in-between them, and movements come up quickly. For example, there is a stretchy trot circle immediately followed by a lengthening diagonal at the trot…I must be┬áincredibly organized and proactive about executing the movements!

We ran through the test twice. In the first, the quality of gaits were up to par, but my execution and “geometry” weren’t quite accurate. Bobby made it very clear that I will not get scores in the twenties if I don’t have geometrically precise movements. Easy to fix, right?

Not exactly. Achieving accuracy on a large horse in a small space is a bit challenging – but as I learned earlier this week, proactive thinking (and riding) makes all the difference in the world. As I am finishing one movement, I have to prepare for the next.

In the afternoon, I prepared and cleaned tack for the event tomorrow. Then we fed and left to go walk the cross country course at the beautiful – yet submerged – Carolina Horse Park with Bobby.

The course seems pretty straight forward and looks like it’s going to be a great way to get our feet wet for the season (pun intended).┬áI can’t wait to compete tomorrow. It’s been a long, hard winter, and this week with Bobby has given me a sharp competitive edge.

Judging by the absence of pitter patter on the roof, I think the rain is done. Fingers crossed that the XC course drains by tomorrow afternoon!

Dressage time: 1:50

Cross country time: 3:50


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