We March On!

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It’s been quite a weekend! And perhaps not our most successful horse trial.

Saturday morning, we left Willie at the barn when we left for the show. Julia is usually fine when she leaves Willie behind (the two are very attached), but this time she was panicked and frantic to find Willie when we got to the show grounds. As a result, we weren’t able to produce the quality of work we have all week. We ended up with a 35 in dressage, which is at least five points higher than I would have liked. There were some beautiful parts of the dressage test, though; Julia was her beautiful self when I got her to slow and soften.

Cross country was exceptional, except that I jumped a novice fence instead of a training one. I thought it was a little strange that the jump judge at the fence was sitting so close to the fence – it was at this point (as I was jumping the novice fence) that I realized I was wrong. So, I circled around and jumped the training jump. The rest of the course was great, but we did have about ten time penalties.

When I went to bring Julia in to eat this morning, I realized she was stiff. I walked her out for a bit and then jogged her. I saw immediately that she was lame on her left hind (the previously injured leg). She was perfectly sound after cross country yesterday, but she must have torqued something.

So, unfortunately, we had to head home this morning (no show jumping.) It’s a bummer, but this is part of the sport of eventing. We can never know when a horse might come up lame. I love this sport so much because I get a partner. But that’s what makes it so challenging. You’re only as good as the horse under you.

Though the event this weekend has been a little disappointing, riding with Bobby Costello remains as one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. My riding has advanced so much this week. Thank you Mom, Dad, Bobby, Leann, Besty, Angie, and Penny. This spectacular adventure wouldn’t have been possible without you.

We’ll do what we have to to make and keep Julia sound, and Willie is coming further along every day.¬†We march on!

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