Changes to Gradebook

Pushpage email troubles?

St. Catherine’s School has changed the system that pushpage email messages are sent this past summer. This change may have resulted in some emails not successfully being delivered or emails being marked as SPAM or Junk. We are in the process of identifying users affected by this change to remedy the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience in this matter.
Here are a couple of steps to eliminate some of the possible errors on your end:
Note: if you have Comcast or Verizon, you may need to sign-in to your web-based email application for your provider to check for SPAM or Junk folders, rather than looking on your phone mail app.
  1. Check your SPAM or Junk folder in your email provider software to see if you have any pushpages from St. Catherine’s School located there. If so, select one email and see if you can set the email as “Not SPAM or Not Junk”. Such pushpage email will have originated from
  1. Create a new contact in your email system. Add this email to the contact:
  1. See if you can add a second email contact:
  1. Compose and send an email to (you must send this from your email account)
Subject line: Unblock Me
Body of the email: Please unblock me so that I may receive emails from St. Catherine’s School:

Fill our Quick survey ( indicating if you have or have not been receiving pushpage emails.

Summertime – relax and get ready for fall, too!


Papers for Parents and Students, found in the Resources section of SaintsNet is a great place to find information for the start of next year while you are enjoying the summer with your family. In fact, Papers for Parents and Students contains Checklists for Lower and Middle School students to help you know what is expected over the summer and when.

St. Catherine's School Summer Checklist

Visit Papers for Parents today to help you relax this summer by downloading the Reading Lists and Supply Lists for your grade level; to learn about deadlines; to see the Major Dates and Academic Calendar Overview to help plan your school year and much more.

Stay tuned over the summer for updates around August 1 with more information!

Resources are a place to start

Parents, faculty and students can all find something in SaintsNet in the Resources section.


Resources contain need-to-know info for what is important at St. Catherine’s School. There are different resource tiles designed for your role at school, so your view may appear differently than the image above.

Click on a tile to view the contents. Papers for Parents is a good place to go. Over the summer new content is added pertaining to the upcoming school year so check back often.

Sports results in SaintsNet

2015-09-15_1641The News > Scoreboard section of SaintsNet populates with This Week, Last Week or custom date ranges. If you look at Last Week games, you can view the dates, scores and even click on the game highlights to read exciting info about that game.

The Scoreboard can be displayed as a grid format (above) or a list format (below)



Woah, the calendar looks so different!

2015-09-15_1621The calendar on SaintsNet has been improved with color-coded events based on your role at school. As parents, you will see major dates, athletic events and even events pertaining to your child’s classes or sports teams.

You can use the checkboxes on the side to check on or off different categories. Give it a try!

Click Save my View at the upper-left. With any luck, the calendar will keep the display category settings for next time you access the  calendar.


Annotation for Teachers: Coming Soon to onCampus – Annotation

It makes total sense that wanting to annotate student work online was among our most requested features — teachers want to keep that feedback loop with students open online. Using Annotations in onCampus, this makes the process so much easier.

Teachers will be able to access turned in work via Assignments, and from right within the browser, they’ll be able to click the “Annotate” button to start the process of marking up work. This eliminates the need to download documents. It’s all done within onCampus.

See the story and a video demo here: AnnotationAnnotation

July 2014 SaintsNet changes

SaintsNet is getting a facelift with a shuffling of items in the top menu to aid in better navigation.

This video highlights many of the changes listed below (and more!):

Video link
Video of Highlights to July 2 changes






Navigation Changes:

  • Account menu tasks moved user name link
  • Gmail link at the top section
  • Groups menu now contains Athletic teams and Advisory groups
  • News section at the top
  • Resource Board renamed as Resources
  • Directory available as large button
  • Children are listed under one button
  • Activity Stream is broken out with Scoreboard available as buttons

We will be setting features over the summer to best suit our community.

Papers for Parents

Summer is the time of ice cream, camps and vacations. But as parents we want to take care of business so all that family-time can take place.

Papers for Parents on SaintsNet is one great place to get reading lists, permission forms and other needed info for school-related summertime tasks out of the way. However, Papers for Parents has content that rolls out at different times of the summer. To that end, we are developing a schedule to deliver all that great content, with the accuracy you deserve.

Stay tuned for announcements about Papers for Parents content!